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What we do

Mission Statement

Burleigh County Social Services will improve the quality of life for the citizens of Burleigh County.

BCSS works to provide and access assistance benefits, protection services, and prevention services to meet the basic needs of Burleigh County’s residents. We are committed to building and maintaining healthy and connected families by identifying and confronting sources of crisis and instability. Working with many state and community partners, BCSS provides essential services and temporary assistance programs to ensure that children, families, and adults achieve and maintain self-sufficiency and are provided an opportunity to reach their full potentials independently.

Vision Statement

Burleigh County Social Services will provide a vast array of services that touch the lives of many in our county. Services will be conducted in an effective, efficient, and accountable manner with respect for the rights and dignity of the public served and of the employees.

How we are funded?

Burleigh County Social Services receives partial funding from the Department of Human Services due to the passage of SB 2206.  The remaining expenses that Burleigh County Social Services incur are paid for by the Burleigh County general fund.  Burleigh County Social Services can only hold $500,000 in reserves in their budget.  Burleigh County is mandated to provide a services and programs to Burleigh County citizens and has oversight of all by the Department of Human Services and Federal regulatory agencies.  Burleigh County has regular quality assurance reviews as well as mandatory federal audits of its many programs to ensure programs are administered correctly.

415 East Rosser Avenue Suite 113
Bismarck ND 58501-4058
OFFICE PHONE: 222-6670
FAX: 221-3384 Administration
FAX: 222-6476 Economic Assistance
FAX: 222-6644 Child & Family Services

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