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Burial Assistance

Burial Assistance is designed to assist with burial costs for individuals who did not leave sufficient means to pay for their final expenses. ND Century Code (23-06-03) states it is still the responsibility of next of kin for burial costs. The State of North Dakota defines next of kin as surviving spouse, parents and adult children. Next kin must fill out a Responsible Relative Affidavit (included with Application). The Burial Application and Responsible Relative Affidavits ask questions about income and assets. Information on the Burial Application and Responsible Relative Affidavit must be verified.

Deceased must be a resident of Burleigh County at the time of death. Hospital patients and inmates of public institutions housed in Burleigh County will be referred to their prior county of residence for burial costs.

Applications must be submitted prior to services being provided by a funeral home. Required relatives have no more than 5 days to submit completed affidavits from the date of application. Processing standard is within 48 hours of receipt of completed application and responsible relative affidavit(s). Additional time may be allowed to provide needed information at the discretion of the Human Service Zone.

Cremation is the preferred method for disposition. $2100 is the maximum amount paid for in burial costs. Any resources of the deceased at the time of death will be subtracted from this maximum amount to arrive at the amount paid. Burleigh County is not responsible for any costs in excess of $2100. Payment is made in the form of a voucher to the appropriate funeral home.


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