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The purpose of Adult Foster Care (AFC) is to provide 24-hour care to elderly or disabled adults, who would benefit from living in a family environment, in an occupied private residence. AFC provides food, shelter, safety, and personal care services.  The resident is responsible to privately pay monthly room and board costs.  Care to residents can be provided on a private-pay basis at a rate established by the AFC provider.  Or, if a prospective resident needs financial assistance to pay for their personal care services in AFC, a referral can be made to the Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Unit at Burleigh County Social Services to have a HCBS case manager meet with the client for an assessment.  During the initial assessment, if the case manager determines that the client is functionally and financially eligible for AFC under the funding sources Medicaid Waiver, SPED, or EXSPED, the case manager will then establish the rate of payment based on the client’s assessed needs and authorize payment through the appropriate funding source.  As mentioned above, the resident is responsible for a room and board payment directly to the AFC provider.

An AFC home is limited to caring for 4 adults.  A licensing study is completed with each AFC home, and if the requirements are met, the North Dakota Department of Human Services authorizes an applicant to operate an Adult Foster Home. Licensing standards that must be met by AFC homes include, but are not limited to: bedroom size, bathroom accommodations, nutrition, fire, health/safety, and water supply.

Burleigh County currently has 7 Adult Foster Care Providers. For a list of providers, please contact Burleigh County Social Services.

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