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TANF is a cash payment on behalf of needy children.

Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF)

The household must consist of a child deprived of at least one parent's support due to death, physical or mental disability, age or continued absence from the home. The child must be under age 18 or will graduate from high school before age 19, or

A care taker could be eligible if in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy.

Adults receiving TANF must work with the JOBS or Tribal NEW program and meet minimum participation rates, unless exempt from participation.

Adults are eligible for up to 60 months of TANF. There are some exceptions to go beyond the 60 months. TANF months in another state do count when determining the number of TANF months received.

Monthly income must be less than the TANF income based on the number of adults and children in the household who may be eligible for TANF. Any countable income is used to decrease the TANF grant.

Face-to-face interviews are required at application. Application processing standard is 30 days from date filed. Households are subject to monthly reporting requirements. Changes must be reported within 5 days from when you learned of a change. Annual reviews are required.

TANF brochure link: http://www.nd.gov/dhs/info/pubs/docs/dn-2480-tanf.pdf

JOBS Prgram brochure: http://www.nd.gov/dhs/info/pubs/docs/jobs-dn-1990.pdf

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