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Foster Care is legal, temporary out-of-home care for children that are not able to be cared for by their parents or guardians due to physical or sexual abuse, neglect, or refusal to provide for their child’s needs.   Burleigh County has temporary placement and care responsibility of said children.  Foster care provides for the physical, emotional and social needs of children in a family setting until the natural family can be reunited or a permanent living situation can be made for the child.

  • Is temporary out of home care for children to keep them safe
  • Legal proceedings determine whether or not the county has met the burden of proof that child(ren) should be removed and/or stay in Burleigh County custody
  • Burleigh County is required to place children in the least restrictive placement based on the child(ren) needs
  • Relative placement or kinship placement is the preferred placement for children in Burleigh County custody
  • Provides for the physical, emotional and social needs of the child(ren) in a family setting is preferred but can be in a group home or a residential child care facility
  • Both parents or guardians involved will be required to work a case plan with their case manager to transition children back to their home when deemed appropriate
  • Case plans are developed with the parents or guardian that look at family strengths and are mutually agreed upon based on the issues that brought the child(ren) into foster care
  • Parents and/or guardians will be provided regular visitation of their child(ren) while in foster care unless there are safety issues or a restraining order in place
  • Parents or guardians will be ordered by the court to report to the Regional Child Support Office to determine the amount of child support they will be assessed for the care of their child
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