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CCAP – Child Care Assistance Program

CCAP helps pay childcare expenses for low-income families. Adult household members must be in an allowable activity – employment, education, or training for the family to be eligible for CCAP. Children must be under age 13. Older children may be eligible if they are physically or mentally incapable of caring for themselves or in need of supervised care. Child care will only be paid for the time a child needs to have care so the adult caretaker can participate in their allowable activity.


  • Providers must be 18 years old and licensed, self-declared, registered or an approved relative.
  • State payments are made to providers.
  • No interview requirement.
  • Application processing standard is 30 days from date filed.
  • Maximum income limit is 60% of State Median Income limit based on family size.
  • Monthly billings must be completed by both the family and the provider.
  • Changes must be reported within 10 days.
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