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General Assistance is a monetary payment made on behalf of the applicant to meet the basic needs of the family.




General Assistance

Burleigh County Social Service Board defines General Assistance as a monetary payment made on behalf of an applicant and their family to provide the minimum amount of assistance to meet the basic needs of the family. This is an emergency assistance program. Application for federally funded programs and community resources must be made prior to application for General Assistance.

Households can only received General Assistance during one month in a calendar year, unless all household members are elderly, disabled or working with Foster Care staff to regain custody of their children.

Type of assistance available:

  1. Rent – Available to those households listed above or households with children under the age of 16. Available only if the household can reasonably maintain the rental unit without assistance in the future
  2. Utilities – Will be referred to LIHEAP and Energy Share through Community Action for assistance.
  3. Medical – Will be referred to Health Care Coverages available through Medicaid and other Medical Assistance Programs.
  4. Food – Will be referred to the SNAP program. A referral to the Emergency Food Pantry  will be given until a decision is made concerning eligibility for SNAP. Those not eligible are referred to the County Director and Eligibility Program Administrator for a determination.
  5. Clothing – Assistance is only given if all community resources are not available.

No payment will be made toward the costs, which are considered a resource to the household such as house, car or trailer payments.

All anticipated income the household expects to receive during the month will be counted. The household’s living needs costs will be deducted from anticipated income to determine eligibility. All liquid resources, such as cash, bank accounts, CDs, etc. will be considered available to meet the household’s needs.

Processing standard is 10 days after receipt of requested information. Households have 10 days to provide any information requested.

Payments are made in the form of a voucher to the vendor.

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