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These are informal, voluntary case management services for families who are at risk of having their children placed in foster care.  In-Home case management services often times start when a child protection worker identifies that the family who has an open assessment is in need of services to prevent children from coming in to county custody.  In-Home services can also start after a child protection “Services Required” finding is determined.

  • Preventative case management services for the family who are at risk of the child(ren) being placed out of the family unit
  • Are temporary services lasting approximately 3-4 months
  • A case plan is developed with the family that is strength based but yet identifies risks and needs
  • Families and In Home case managers together identify community services and resources that can assist with stabilizing the family such as medical providers, counseling services, schools, food pantries and housing agencies
  • In Home workers often include absent parents and/or Native American tribes in the case
  • Parent aide services may be recommended as part of the plan for coaching and support
  • Purpose of services is to provide “Protective Services” for children and families and prevent further reports of child abuse & neglect
  • In Home case managers meet with both parents and children in their home setting usually one to two times per month.
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